Every so often there is so much happening that I want to share little bits – snippets!

  • My chicken will be delivered on Wednesday
    • Seems that to get fresh chicken (dead and cleaned), you have to order it and get it delivered to your door
  • I wipe down my floors every morning. Then I close my windows. By evening when I get home there is a film of black dirt on everything. My feet are gross!
    • Took me almost two weeks to figure out to stop going barefoot and put on shoes – now it doesn’t bother me.
      • I do wipe down all surfaces again when I get back from work!
  • Ask an Uber driver about his car and he will say “It is a Pay to Buy”.  In other words, rent to own.  Can take more than 2 years to accomplish.  One go-getter said it took him only 10 months.
    • Made me wonder what else he was transporting!
  • I was happily making an omelet in my little kitchen (more later) when the last egg I cracked into the bowl dispelled a baby chick. I haven’t eaten an egg since.
    • It is even more traumatic than it sounds.
      • I threw out the 2 hardboiled eggs I had made the day before.
  • I had dinner in a DC-10 that was turned into a restaurant.  Pretty neat!

DC-10 restaurant

  • Best Friday morning text EVER? My landlord asked if I would be interested in having a trained therapeutic masseuse come to my apartment Sunday morning – 30 minutes for $9.00! OMG YES!!!
  • I hate ants. In Ghana, I am trying to be more compassionate. I figure they keep me honest.  Did I empty the trash at night? Did I wash the dishes and put them away? Did I wipe down the counters after a meal/snack/any activity food-related?
    • If any answer is “no”, the ants will let me know.
    • Then I kill them.
    • And I make sure there are all “yesses” to the above questions.
  • My little kitchen.

Little Kitchen

  • It’s generally just fine …but the height of the single burner is amusingly problematic.


Thanks for reading – have a fun day!